Benefits of Healthcare Group Purchasing

The discounts are real and substantial. Discounts range from 10% to 60% off on a huge variety of vendors and products. We provide one of the largest contract portfolios with some of the deepest discounts available because of our partnership with one of the largest GPOs in the country. Membership really is worth looking into.

Free Membership

As over 20,000 practices just like yours have found, there is no risk in being a member with PSMA CONNECT. Our group purchasing enrollment is simple and we work with you to get the best possible prices with no cost to the practice.

PSMA Saves Your Practice Money on:

  • Medical Supplies/Equipment
  • Mobile Phone Plans
  • Pharmacy/RX Items
  • Management Services

20+ Years in Business, servicing 20,000 Member Facilities

PSMA CONNECT has been an exclusive McKesson Medical partner for over 20 years, offering a comprehensive savings portfolio to over 20,000 member facilities across the US. PSMA CONNECT is guaranteed to save your practice money, all at NO cost or commitment from you. JUST SAVINGS!

Why Choose Us?

"Caring for the Caregivers" isn't just a marketing slogan, it's the philosophy on which this group purchasing program was founded. For two decades we have been helping healthcare organizations save money. But we didn't stop there, we also negotiated discounts for our member's employees as well. Truly caring for the caregivers! We are here as your advocate and partner to help reduce the cost of providing quality healthcare. Thank you for the opportunity to share our program with you. Please let us know if we can help in any way. (888) 882-6020 -